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Archive of the EFITA newsletter (2nd semester 2005)

Point of view (in Fr-English): Information dissemination
Most often, many (national or EU) research projects produce (at the best) a few scientific or technical papers and a web site presenting results obtained. There are only a few efforts to really disseminate these results beyond small circles of peers.
What is surprising, it is that people in charge of research programmes continue not to support "information dissemination" initiatives such as the editing of this newsletter nor the EFITA congresses…
To help the transformation of research results into industrial realities seems to have no interest for research programme leaders, as well as for experts who evaluate project proposals. For these experts "the most exciting applications are the ones we do not know yet". For me (for you?), the most exciting applications are the ones I see becoming realities.
Contact: Guy WAKSMAN
Email: waksman(a)

In your latest newsletter the two items below both contain an acronym, RFID. Some say that acronyms should always be spelt out in full the first time they are used.
Contact: Richard VERNON
E-mail: jodi1066(a)

Sorry. Let's precise that RFID stands for Radio Frequency Identification.

Food Traceability
1 - 2 February 2006 - DALLAS - Texas
Contact: Peter HARROP
Email: p.harrop(a)

Operational Research in Agriculture and Forest Management-- a session for IFORS 2006
2-5 July 2006 - REYKJAVIK - Iceland
I would like to invite EFITA members to submit a paper to this session. Submission can be done by logging on to:
and using submission code "591b869f " for abstracts in this organised session.
Contact: Lluis M. PLÀ
Email: lmpla(a)

World tour with Spot images

EU research programme: Quality of life and management of living resources
Contact : Laurent BOCHEREAU
Email: laurent.bochereau(a)

Agrochemical industry R&D expenditure study
The agrochemical industry is one of the world's most research-intensive sectors, according to a study carried out recently by Phillips McDougall, a plant science market research company, on behalf of CropLife International, the global federation of the plant science industry.

CIFAS Study: Cross-compliance Indicators in the context of the Farm Advisory System
Web site address provided by Léonard GAY

Institute for European Environmental Policy (IEEP)
The Institute for European Environmental Policy (IEEP) is an independent and influential centre for the analysis and development of policies affecting the environment in Europe and beyond. We undertake research and consultancy work on the development, implementation and evaluation of environmental and environment-related policies in Europe. IEEP seeks to engage directly with relevant policy debates and works closely with the full range of policy actors from international agencies, and the EU institutions, to national government departments, NGOs and academics. The Institute seeks both to raise awareness of European environmental policy and to advance policy-making along sustainable paths.
Web site address provided by Léonard GAY

Joke in French and English / Read in a newspaper the following practical advices to travellers to France. In fact, even if my country meets many difficulties, the situation is not as bad as stated by French politicians and media and we always feel perfectly secure in our suburbs of Paris! (GW)

"Useful phrases” for visitors in Paris:

Où est la gare? = Where is the station?

Qu'est ce qui se passe ? = What is happening?

Où sont les pompiers ? = Where are the firemen?

Avez-vous un extincteur ? = Do you have a fire extinguisher?

A quelle heure est le couvre-feu = What time is the curfew?

Pourquoi "blulez-vous" ma voiture ? = Why are you burning my car?

Avez-vous du feu pour allumer mon cocktail Molotov ? = Do you have a light for my petrol bomb?

Just a joke... but it may be helpful… in addition, don’t forget your camera… it can be spectacular and impressive for your friends!

Contact: Bernard P AUXENFANS
Mél : auxenfansb(a)

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