Paris, 18 April 2006

EFITA newsletter / 256 / European Federation for Information Technology in Agriculture, Food and the Environment

About my weekly newsletter in French and its 25000 subscribers
Yes, Guy, I do push the DEL key - but I read the newsletter first. How much of it depends on how busy I am but I never delete it without regret, and without at least taking a glance! In particular I love the "pensées du jour" - Thought of the day - in the French edition.
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Point of view (in Fr-English): ADAS is rejecting the efita newsletter
I quite often get the following message e.g. from ADAS (UK): "The automated mail checker has found your message contains profanities. These messages are neither accepted from the Internet nor delivered to it. The message in question is attached…"
I understand that the jokes (especially those provided by a famous Irish guy) are not politically correct and even not correct at all but it is funny to see the number of organisations that forbid the efita newsletter. If you want to continue to receive the efita newsletter, please take care to ask your webmaster to insert the "liste-efita" in his (her) "white list".
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4th World Congress of Computers in Agriculture and Natural Resources (WCCA)
24 – 26 July 2006 - ORLANDO, FL, USA
- A total of 157 papers were accepted.
- An additional 25 posters were accepted.
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Erratum: Ontology-based knowledge discovery: Using metadata and ontologies for improving access to agricultural information
9 - 10 November 2006 - BANGALORE, India

ICT Update: a bimonthly printed bulletin, web magazine, and accompanying email newsletter focusing on the use of information and communication technologies in agriculture in developing countries
It is published in English and French, by CTA (Technical Centre for Agricultural and Rural Cooperation) in Wageningen in the Netherlands. Each issue focuses on a specific theme and the latest issue has just been published. This edition’s theme is ‘Digging in the dirt: Soils & ICTs’. This issue of the magazine includes a handful of projects that illustrate some of the key technologies that are now contributing to the improvement and conservation of soils in ACP countries.
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ICT Update web portal
CTA is carrying out a survey of its ICT Update web portal to get a better understanding of the users of the portal and to recommend ways it can better serve you. The survey should take 5 or 10 minutes to complete – you may also wish to register to receive one of 25 free CD-rom versions of the ICT Update web site

EU policy on biotechnology

The convention on biological diversity

 Food quality and safety in Europe

Integration of environment into EU agriculture policy
Voir :

Geographical Indications registration opened for direct applications and objections from groups and individuals in third countries
See: See:

Avian flu: Commission proposes to allow EU financial aid for eggs and poultry sector

Commission approves new promotion measures for EU agricultural products outside the EU

"Broadband for all": Commission mobilises all its policy instruments to bridge the broadband gap

BSE: UK beef embargo to be lifted

Genetically modified maize - your chance to comment

How Irish can you get??
Two young Muslim friends, Rahim and Ahmad decide to leave Pakistan and to emigrate to Ireland. Before they leave they agree to meet after one year to determine who has become the most Irish.
One year passes and, true to their word, the two lads meet in Dublin.
Rahim says: I have become very Irish. I have a Roy Keane Celtic football shirt, I support the Irish soccer and rugby teams, I fish, I play hurling for Cork, I drink Guinness and have an Irish red setter!

He beams triumphantly at his friend: "How Irish have you become"

Ahmad sneers at him and snarls: F*ck off you Paki ba*tard!"

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