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Information Systems in Agriculture and Forestry - XII European Conference
16 - 17 May 2006 – PRAGUE - Czech Republic

Efficiency and Growth in the Agriculture of Transition Economies (EGATE) - European summer school 2006
31 July – 11 August 2006 – PRAGUE - Czech Republic
By the Institute of Agricultural Economics Prague (VUZE), Leibniz-Institute of Agricultural Development in Central and Eastern Europe (IAMO), and Czech Agricultural University in Prague (CZU)
EGATE summer school is the first summer school of the Marie Curie Conferences and Training Courses series Modern Agriculture in Central and Eastern Europe: Tools for the Analysis and Management of Rural Change (MACE).

> Objective
EGATE aims to provide young scholars with an introduction to the essential concepts and methods of efficiency and productivity theory, such as Data Envelopment Analysis and Stochastic Frontier Analysis and to facilitate their empirical application through practical exercises. The two week programme consists of lectures by experienced researchers and presentations of the participants. Extensive time will be provided for discussions among participants.

> Call for Papers
We invite interested young scholars to apply for participation in the Summer School. Applicants are requested to submit two-page abstracts presenting the applicants' theoretical as well as empirical work in the field of efficiency, productivity and economic growth measurement in the agriculture of transition economies. During EGATE, participants will present their concepts and state of research. Till September 30th, the participants should prepare a manuscript, which will be reviewed and placed on the MACE project website. The authors of the best manuscripts will be given the opportunity to participate in further conferences organised within the MACE project.

> Lecturers
- Bernhard Brümmer, Professor of Agricultural Markets, University of Göttingen, Germany
- Robert T. Weaver, Professor of Agricultural Economics, Pennsylvania State
University, USA
- Jarmila Curtiss and Alexej Lissitsa, Senior Researchers, Leibniz-Institute of Agricultural Development in Central and Eastern Europe (IAMO), Germany

> Who Can Apply
Young scientists in post-graduate or post-doctoral studies under 35 years of age from EU, associated, as well as third countries investigating the above-presented topics can apply. Young scientists from Central and Eastern European Countries are particularly encouraged. Financial support for travel and accommodation will be provided for limited number of applicants.

> Abstract Submission and Application
The deadline for submission is May 15, 2006. Applicants will be notified two weeks after the deadline. A two-page abstract, curriculum vitae and list of publications, all in English, should be submitted to Zdena Cihelkova (cihelkova(a)

AFITA2006 - fifth conference of Asian Federation for Information Technology in Agriculture
9-11 November 2006 - BANGALORE, INDIA
Agriculture continues to be the major occupation of Asian communities. In recent years, IT sector is growing exponentially and offers an immense potential for its synergistic effect on the growth of all sectors including agriculture. Rapidly expanding population and dwindling natural resource base in Asia and steady trade liberalization, necessitate harmonious integration of IT and agriculture. The challenge ahead is to explore the opportunities provided by the IT revolution to ensure a vibrant, responsive, sustainable and productive agriculture.

There is an urgent need of not only securing livelihoods of rural and urban poor but also for catering to the regional and global demands both in quantity and quality. Digital divide between not only rich and poor but also between men and women needs to be bridged for harvesting the benefits of IT towards achieving rural prosperity. Future research, development and policies should take into account all these issues. The onus is on the researchers and policy makers to maintain a holistic approach to IT and agriculture rather than looking at them in isolation.
AFITA 2006 provides a platform to dwell on all the issues of vital importance for achieving rural prosperity in all the Asian countries.

Point of view: Agricultural ICT market
For years, we had a lot of discussions about adoption of ICT by farmers and rural people. The information that you will find hereafter about the turn-over of ISAGRI, the European leader of ICT solutions for farmers should interest you. To have a yearly turn-over of 31 millions Euro would be impossible without a significant level of ICT adoption by farmers!
Note that has been build and is marketed by ISAGRI.

> ISAGRI's highlights
- Nr.1 Of data processing for European agriculture
- 7 translation languages
- 18 years existence
- 20% growth per year
- 31 million euros turnover
- 400 employees
- 40 000 customers

> ISAGRI in Europe
- Present in 8 European countries through subsidiaries and partners, ISAGRI has expanded its activity all over Europe since its creation in 1983. That's why ISAGRI is today one of the best computer companies for agricultural software in Europe. ISAGRI has employees in Italy, Germany, Switzerland, Spain, Holland and Belgium, and has a distributor in Portugal.
- Software is translated in 7 languages.
- ISAGRI already equips 25 000 farms in Europe.

From a passenger ship, everyone can see a bearded man on a small island, shouting and desperately waving his hands
"Who is that man... and why is he so upset?" a passenger asks the ship's captain.
"I have no idea," says the captain; "but, every year when we pass by here, he goes crazy."
Contact: Eric JALLAS
Mél : jallas(a)

To end a sentence
An English major was being released from prison. The nice looking female clerk was about to give him the $100.00 they give to all released prisoners. Since the inmate had not had female attention for a long time, he suggested that she could keep the money if she would have sex with him. He was immediately re-arrested and thrown back into jail.
Everybody knows you should never end a sentence with a proposition.
Contact: Bill PARLETTE
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