Paris, 12 February 2007

EFITA newsletter / 296 / European Federation for Information Technology in Agriculture, Food and the Environment

Next AgriMMedia seminar: Marketing and sale via Internet of services and products proposed by farmers
7 March – PARIS – during the Paris Show of Agriculture – an exceptional event

URGENT: Did you send your paper summary for the next EFITA congress in 2007 in Glasgow?
2 - 5 July 2007 - Glasgow Caledonian University, Scotland, UK
Contact: Caroline PARKER
E-mail: c.g.parker(a)

Survey of 3,000 farmers in six countries identifies positive trends - Bioenergy Center at Agritechnica
13 – 17 November - HANOVER
DLG, the organiser of Agritechnica, has published the results of its 2006 Trendmonitor Survey of nearly 3,000 farmers in six European countries. The findings revealed marked differences in the type of bioenergy sources currently being used by farmers in individual countries and also their preferences for, and specific plans to adopt, bioenergy sources for future energy generation. At Agritechnica, the world’s number one exhibition for agricultural machinery, 14-17 November 2007, bioenergy will be a key feature.
The countries surveyed: Czech Republic, France, Germany, Hungary, Poland and the UK. Farmers were asked to evaluate eleven different bioenergy sources in terms of their potential future contribution to their farming business and asked to detail any concerns.
Contact: Malene CONLONG
E-mail: m.conlong(a)

This newsletter contains profanities. A shame!
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Advances in labour and machinery management for a profitable agriculture and forestry (XXXII CIOSTA – CIGR Section V Conference)
17– 19 September 2007 - NITRA, Slovak Republic
Contact: Jana HAVRANKOVA
E-mail: jana.havrankova(a)

FineCount 2.0, a free text analyzing software
It is a FREE text analyzing software which is specially designed for everyone involved in translation business. Please, take a few minutes of your valuable time to read this message, - you will not regret it!

>>> Introduction
An essential software package for translators and translation managers - providing a wide range of features and functionality needed for document analysis. FineCount can quickly provide detailed statistics for documents in many different formats (Microsoft Word, PDF, HTML, and many others) FineCount can also be used to prepare cost estimates and invoices for translation work. Moreover, FineCount allows the users to create their own report templates that can be reused with different documents.

>>> Free download :

>>> FineCount features
>>>> Analyzing following file formats: Adobe PDF (pdf) ; Open Office (odt) ; Microsoft Word (doc, dot, rtf, wri, wps) ; Microsoft Excel (xls, xlt, xl*) ; Microsoft PowerPoint (ppt, pot, pps) ; Microsoft Publisher (pub) ; XML, HTML documents (html, htm, mht, mhtml, shtml, shtm) ; Text documents - (txt, ini, log) ; Programmatic code and source code (pas, dpr, dpk, bpg, bdsproj, bdsgroup, dfm, xfm, c, cpp, php, java, js)
>>>> Custom text block analyzing with batch scripting
>>>> Invoice and report generating
>>>> Integred File meta info changer
>>>> Text exporting
>>>> Support for Unicode
>>>> Correct analysis of hirogana, katakana, hieroglyphs and other special alphabets
>>>> Text analyzing from the clipboard
>>>> Any other files in text format

Information provided by Dr. Ehud GELB
E-mail: gelb(a)

eFarmer Project
The portal services may significantly support farmers and their authorised representatives to access up-to-date CAP content and in submission of farmer claims to respective rural payment agencies.
Contact: Judit Kovacs Katona
E-mail: katonaj(a)

Welfare in animal transport: new year, new rules
The new Regulation on animal welfare in transport entered into force on 5 January 2007. This legislation aims to reduce the stress and harm that animals can experience during land and sea journeys.

Un hombre entró a un bar y se sentó en la barra, junto a una mujer. Él le inició la conversación diciéndole:
- Hoy es un día especial para mí: estoy celebrando.
- ¡Qué coincidencia!, - dijo la mujer, - yo también estoy celebrando.
Ambos levantaron sus copas y las entrechocaron, y ella le preguntó,
- ¿Y se puede saber qué estás celebrando?
- Tengo una granja avícola muy importante, - contestó el hombre -. Durante años mis gallinas eran infértiles, pero hoy en día, finalmente, son fértiles.
- ¡Qué coincidencia!, - dijo la mujer.- Mi esposo y yo hemos estado tratando de tener un bebé. Hoy día, ¡mi ginecólogo me ha dicho que estoy embarazada!
¿Cómo hiciste para que tus gallinas se volvieran fértiles?,- preguntó ella.
- Cambié de macho, - contestó el hombre.
- ¡Qué coincidencia! - dijo ella.
Contact: I. KITRON
E-mail: kitron1(a)

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