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International Symposium "Agricultural Field Trials – Today and Tomorrow“
8 - 10 October 2007 – HOHENHEIM - Germany
This symposium will cover general and special aspects of the design, implementation, and analysis of agricultural and horticultural trials.
Dwindling resources increase the need for new approaches and techniques for the design and analysis of field experiments. A continuous improvement of field trial equipment and data documentation tools, simple methods for sound statistical analysis of trials, as well as integrated information and knowledge management systems are prerequisites for the up-to-date and timely provision of information to farmers, governmental authorities, and industrial companies.
Statistical analyses covering only a limited geographical range should be augmented by an interregional integration of data, thus making optimal use of all available information.
This symposium will discuss solutions to problems occurring in agronomic experiments, efficacy studies in plant protection and cultivar experimentation. The main focus will be on opportunities arising from recent developments in field trial technology, sensor technology, and geographical information systems as well as from new biometrical procedures.
The conference is aimed at individuals working in research and development as well as practitioners in the field of agricultural experimentation.
The preliminary programme can be found at
Topics covered:
1. Design of individual trials and of trial series
2. Mechanisation and rationalisation of agricultural trials
3. Type of assessment scales and data analysis methods
4. Precision farming and image analysis
5. Biometrical methods for time series and dose-response-curves
6. Biometrical methods for the analysis of trial series
7. GPS und geostatistics
8. Information technologies for field experimentation and extension services
9. Statistical methods for experiments with GMOs
During and after the conference, there will be tutorials and product presentations (see preliminary programme). Details will shortly be announced on the webpage.
Early bird registration at reduced rates is possible before 30 July 2007. Registration is either via an online form or by post using the form attached to the flyer, which can be downloaded from the conference webpage.
E-mail: h.bleiholder(a)

Bioenergy World Europe 2008
07 - 10 February 2008 - Verona - ITALY

USA / Briefing Rooms: Rural Telecommunications / Statistics on the use of ICT by US farmers
Contact: Peter STENBERG
E-mail: stenberg(a)

USA / Determinants of Internet Use for Rural and Farm Economic Sectors by Peter Stenberg and Mitchell Morehart (Economic Research Service, USDA
Contact: Peter STENBERG
E-mail: Stenberg(a)

USA / Farm Computer Usage and Ownership in USA (2005)

Letters to the editor

The government says that there are nearly 50,000 people with HIV in Britain, a third of whom do not even know that they have it. Is it just me, or is it a bit harsh that the government know and haven't told the poor sods?

John Campbell, e-mail


Never mind ventriloquists like Keith Harris and Roger DeCourcey. What about Professor Stephen Hawking? I saw him on telly blathering on about galaxies for hours and I never saw his lips move once. Genius.

Mike Woods, e-mail


With reference to that series "Manhunt" where ex-Special Forces soldiers try to hunt down Andy McNab. Why don't the producers include a couple of Iraqis in the hunting team? They found the tw*t quickly enough the last time he played hide and seek with them.

Shuggie, Email


Hats off to the witty burglars who stole my entire CD collection with the exception of "There is Nothing Left to Lose" by the Foo Fighters. I hope that when sentencing, the judge takes into account their splendid sense of humour.

Chris Scaife, Jesmond


I see on the news that Lord Hutton says he is "satisfied that David Kelly took his own life". He may not have liked Dr. Kelly that much, but isn't this taking gloating just a little too far?

Dave Owen, Edinburgh


I was extremely saddened to hear of Richard Whiteley's recent death. But I was cheered to imagine his life support machine making the famous Countdown "da-da, da-da, da-da-da-da! Booooooo!" sound as he took his final breaths.



I never worry about the destination when I'm going on holiday. My dad is Iranian and my mum is Irish, so I spend most of the time in customs.



What's all this nonsense about that 66-year-old Romanian woman being the world's oldest mum? My mum's 77. Beat that.

Thomas J

Contact: Ian HOUSEMAN
E-mail: ian.houseman(a)

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