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ISOagriNET: ISO standard
20 September - KASSEL (DE)
We have successfully completed our joint work on project N17532. With a large consensus (17 countries), the FDIS vote was positive, so that the IS (International Standard) can be published in August. Huge steps have also been taken in the implementation of the standard. Companies such as WEDA, Mannebeck and Agrocom have already conducted the first projects with the help of this standard. These will be followed by larger projects for the pig and cattle area. The TF41AN (Task Force for ISOagriNET at the BFL) is considering drafting a joint API for ISOagriNET and making it available to all interested parties. During the EDI-AGRAR-group meeting organised by the BFL on 20th September in Kassel, we will outline the advantages of ISOagriNET and explain which areas it is particularly suitable for. The DLG has already developed a test program which can be used to test compliance with the specifications in practical tests. If larger projects are also concluded successfully, we will organise the final meeting of the project group and present ISOagriNET to the broader public.
Contact: Christian PAULSEN
E-mail: paulsen(a)

9th International Conference on Precision Agriculture (ICPA)
20 - 23 July 2008 - DENVER - CO USA
The ICPA has embarked on a new journey. After about 16 years in Minnesota, the Conference is moving to a new location. The mile-high city of Denver is excited to host the next ICPA Conference in its technological hub “The Denver Tech Center.”
The 9th International Conference on Precision Agriculture is envisaged to be the largest ever; with more than 500 attendees from all over the United States and 35 countries. The summer month of July is a gorgeous time of the year to be in beautiful Colorado. Surrounded by the Rocky Mountain National Park on the West to the Great Plains on the East, Denver is nestled in the heart of the USA.
As with previous ICPA Conferences, the 9th International Conference on Precision Agriculture will provide a forum for presentations on the current state of precision agriculture research and applications. Also, dedicated sessions for practitioners entitled “Precision A to Z Tracks” will offer practical advice from international authorities on key topics of precision agriculture for producers and professionals.
>> Call for Abstracts
Abstracts for the 9th International Conference on Precision Agriculture may be submitted online by the abstract submission deadline on November 30th, 2007. Abstracts will be reviewed for suitability based on scientific content and clarity. Abstracts meeting these criteria will be accepted for presentation as either oral or poster presentations at the Conference. Abstracts are limited to no more than 300 words. Authors of accepted abstracts will be entitled to present their research at the Conference after payment of registration fees. They will also be entitled to submit full papers (more details later) for the Conference Proceedings in March of 2008. Conference Proceedings will be published on CD-ROMs and will be available at the conference. Questions pertaining to abstract submissions should be addressed to
Contact: Raj KHOSLA - Chair of the 9th International Conference on Precision Agriculture - Colorado State University
E-mail: icpa(a)

Just a comment on the last published point of view on an XML standard to exchange agricultural information
I just read your 'point of view', and can only say, that I totally agree with you.
If we should focus on cooperation on a European scale, we would support the development and implementation of a common standard for data transfer between agro software systems based on xml. This area could certainly need to be given further attention. At the moment we (Denmark) are implementing an xml-standard based on ISO 11783. At the same time we do know that KTBL and others have been working with the 'AgroXML' and the Americans are among others working with F.O.D.M., but as long as these standards differs the end user will newer get the full benefits from his soft- and hardware.
Contact: Jens BLIGAARD
E-mail: jeb(a)

Choice of drinks

A Muslim was seated next to an Australian on a flight from London to Melbourne.

After the plane was airborne, drink orders were taken.

The Aussie asked for a rum and coke, which was brought and placed before him.

The flight attendant then asked the Muslim if he would like a drink.

He replied in disgust, "I'd rather be savagely raped by a dozen whores than let liquor touch my lips."

The Aussie then handed his drink back to the attendant and said, "Me, too. I didn't know we had a choice."

Contact: Israel KITRON
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