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Wildfires in Greece cause tremendous damage in forestry
There is a demand for a good interactive map of Greece. In this case I made a Google Map and embedded in this page. Also a link with photos.
Contact: Rene HUSKEN
E-mail: r.husken(a)

Charolais breeds on the web (Direct from Charolles - Burgundy – France) on your ag web TV channel
1 September 2007 - 2h30 p.m. (Central Europe Time - GMT-1)
The main Charolais breed challenge will take place on August the 30th and September the 1rst, 2007 at Charolles.
Charolais cow breed is the most famous French meat breed.
At 2h30 p.m. on September, the 1srt you will discover on the final show of both cows and sheep Charolais breeds, different farms, etc. Special emphasis will be put on ICT uses: videoconference with Poland, remote control of cattle, access to national animal data bases, cattle identification and traceability. Cattle growers see ICT as a mean to increase their technical and economical performances, as well as to improve their well-being.
See: at 2h30 p.m. (Central Europe Time - GMT-1)
Contact: Julie DESQUINABO
E-mail: julie.desquinabo(a)

International Symposium on the Application of Precision Agriculture for Fruits and Vegetables
6 - 9 January 2008 - ORLANDO
In addition to academia, we are inviting large fruits and vegetables growers (5000 acre and more) or their representative to attend this conference. We are also focusing on only a few states that are large producers of fruit and vegetables like California, Florida, Georgia, Michigan and Washington. This is the first time that we have a conference specifically on application of precision ag for fruits and vegetables and it is hard for me to judge how many people will attend to this conference. We are expecting to have about 200-300 participants. Unlike row crops, application of precision ag for fruits and vegetables is a very new topic and there are many large growers that are interested to invest on this technology. Also January is a good time for people to come to Florida.
Contact: Christen TAYLOR
E-mail: chris29(a)

Rural Futures: Dreams, Dilemmas and Dangers (First announcement: call for papers)
1 - 4 April 2008 - PLYMOUTH, United Kingdom
“Who gets to decide about our rural futures, and how?” This was the central challenge for rural citizens identified by Dr Stuart Burgess, Chair of the Commission for Rural Communities and the Rural Advocate, in the opening address to the 2006 Rural Futures conference at the University of Plymouth in April 2006.

We have taken up this challenge as the basis for our second conference, planned for 1-4 April 2008, encouraged by the excellent feedback we had from attendees to the first. We have again been very fortunate in securing generous support from the Commission for Rural Communities and the South West Regional Development Agency, and both organisations have been influential in the development of the conference themes, shown below.

Our headline speaker will be Jan Douwe van der Ploeg, Professor of Rural Sociology at Wageningen University, The Netherlands: a distinguished commentator on rural issues with a truly international reputation. Keynote speakers for each of the themes will be chosen for their proven ability to challenge and to provoke thought, as well as their professional reputation and qualities as speakers.

This message is a first announcement, and requires no action from you beyond beginning to think about writing a paper or poster, or proposing a workshop or other such activity. Our next announcement, at the beginning of September, will be a formal call for papers, and will give full details of costs, etc.

Looking forward to seeing you in Plymouth in April,

Martyn Warren and Susie Bissell
Rural Futures Unit

Conference themes

>>> Connecting communities to the countryside which could include:
- Fair access to services
- Community development
- Food and people
- Communications
- Reconnecting rural communities and the land.
- Rural migration
- Ageing rural populations
- New ways of working

>>> Sustainable solutions which could include:
- Encouraging sustainable communities
- Managing the rural environment
- Securing Social Justice
- Building the ‘new’ rural economy
- Learning from the ‘old’ economy
- Farmers, farming families and farming
- Farming sustainability
- Linking urban and rural

>>> Making it happen which could include:
- Policy and governance
- The Rural Development Programme
- Developing skills for the future
- Implementation
- Case studies

Cross-cutting themes:
1. Constructing the future: foresight and visioning
2. Art, culture, and society: new perspectives on rural futures
3. Information, communication and technology: promises, opportunities and dangers

Contact: Susie BISSELL
E-mail: susie.bissell(a)

The 12-year old boy and the male driver
One day a 12-year old boy was walking down the street when he heard a car pulling up beside him and the sound of the window being wound down.

"I'll give you a bag of lollies if you get in the car", said the male driver.

"No way, get stuffed", replied the boy.

How about a bag of lollies and £10?" asked the driver.

"No way", replied the irritated youngster.

"What about a bag of lollies and FIFTY QUID, eh"? quizzed the driver, still driving along slowly to keep up with the walking boy.

"No, I'm not getting in the fricken car!" answered the boy,

"OK then", said the driver. "I'll give you £100 and a bag of lollies",

"NO, NO, NO" shouted the boy.

"Well then", pleaded the driver with a sigh," what will it take to get you into the car"?

The boy turned to the driver and said, "Listen Dad, you bought the fuckin' Skoda - you live with it."

Contact :Mick HARKIN
E-mail: harkin(a)

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