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Conference: Integrated Assessment of Agriculture and Sustainable Development; Setting the Agenda for Science and Policy
10-12 March 2009 - EGMOND AAN ZEE - The Netherlands.
Contact: Jan Erik WIEN
E-mail: Jan-Erik.Wien(a)

FutureFarm: The European Farm of Tomorrow (FP7 212117)
FutureFarm started on 1st January 2008 and will run until the end of 2010. We have 15 partners from 10 countries (Greece, Italy, Spain, Germany, Czech R., Denmark, Finland, UK, Netherlands, Austria) and 4 demonstration farms (Denmark, Germany, Czech Republic, Greece).
The full project title is "Meeting the challenges of the farm of tomorrow by integrating Farm Management Information Systems to support real-time management decisions and compliance to standards". Here is the original call:
The “farm of tomorrow” will take account of Europe’s ecological and cultural diversity, will be non-uniform, will built on technological, social and economic innovations and a variety of research outputs. The specific main issues facing the farm of tomorrow are: New models of farm material flow management, based on on-farm or local integration of environmentally friendly closed-cycle processing facilities (energy, food/non-food raw materials, bio-refining). Energy efficient cultivation with light machinery (avoiding soil compaction), precision farming, and robotics are important components, considering special requirements for high value markets, such as organic agriculture/livestock production. Integrated technologies and ICT tools are needed to make cost efficient compliance with standards (public and private) an integral part of farm operations, including the whole chain of suppliers and services by sharing good practices. The multifunctional European farming model delivering public goods (environment, landscape, social functions) in an efficient way needs research support to integrate, assess and quantify these services and linkage (e.g. rural tourism) to the rural economy. Overall trends of the European societies have to be considered and new models of relationships with consumers and citizens.
Contact: Simon BLACKMORE
E-mail: simon(a)

The European Crop Protection Association (ECPA) recently launched an online platform to capture the debate on pesticides, highlighting the arguments for and against their use and approval on the market.
It includes:
- Blog entries by guests and myself who either have a perspective on the subject or who wish to highlight the latest report or story in the press.
- Links to other online resources with good content on pesticides.
- Incoming unfiltered news on pesticides straight off the web.
- A library of good quality press articles tagged by subject.
- A Netvibes dashboard showing the latest news and blogs, grouped by topics found online.
- Pesticide Info YouTube channel with recordings of scientists, farmers and journalists we have made so far.
- Options to add your comments, submit interesting websites and articles you would like added to the site.
Please take a look at the sites, add your comments, submit your own site if it's not listed or become a guest blogger if your views are not being represented on this site.
Contact : Helen DUNNETT
E-mail: info(a)

Llene el tanque y tenga sexo gratis (in Spanish… Do you use the Google translation facility?)

Un dueño de una estacion de servicio esta tratando de incrementar sus ventas, entonces puso un cartel que decia: 'Sexo gratis al llenar el tanque'.

Pronto, Rencaldo que cruzaba vio el cartel y rapido entro, lleno el tanque y pregunto por el sexo gratis.
El dueño le dijo:

- Elegi un numero del uno al diez. Si elegis correctamente vas a tener tu sexo gratis. Rencaldo eligio el 8, el propietario dijo,

- 'Estuviste cerca'. El numero era el 7. Lo siento. No hay sexo esta vez...

Una semana mas tarde, el mismo Rencaldo, que venia acompañado de un amigo, Jadik, entraron para otro tanque lleno. Otra vez pregunto por el sexo gratis. El propietario de nuevo le dijo a Rencaldo que elija el numero correcto. Rencaldo eligio esta vez el 2.

El propietario dijo:

- Lo siento era el 3. Vos estuviste cerca, pero no hay sexo gratis esta vez...

Mientras van en el auto, Rencaldo le dice a Jadik:

- Yo pienso que este juego tiene trampa y que realmente no hay sexo gratis!!!

Jadik rapido respondio:

- 'No, no hay trampa!!! Mi esposa ganó dos veces la semana pasada.'

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