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Châtenay-Malabry (FR - 92290), 17 August 2015

EFITA newsletter / 704 - European Federation for Information Technology in Agriculture, Food and the Environment

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For all Mick's friends
I am changing my email address to mickjharkin(a)
Can you please change the old address in the Efita Newsletter (promoting the jokebook) to this new address? Many thanks.

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Montpellier - France at SupAgro Ag University


Contact : Jean-Pierre CHANET, Bruno TISSEYRE
Mél : jean-pierre.chanet(a), tisseyre(a)

2015 Farm Progress Show
1-3 September - DECATUR, Ill
You will more than 600+ exhibitors displaying the latest farm equipment, tractors and combines, seed and crop protection products, additional farm supplies and services; field demonstrations; latest technology and more.

2015 World Congress of the International Federation of Agricultural Journalists
14 - 18 October 2015 – HAMILTON – New Zealand
Hello dear friend, Guy,

The transport over the river in Russia is formidable! (See issue nb 702

I am still looking forward to getting your newsletter and especially the humor.

Hope you are doing well as I am, being retired but still writing some in different agriculture magazines.

Have you heared of the IFAJ-congress in New Zealand in October? My wife Birgitta and I are going there to participate. I think it will be very interesting to hear the story of their farming and making a lot of visits to farms and farming industries.
You can read more at the website:

I think it could be something for your newsletter.

My very best to you, Lars
Bästa hälsninga
Contact: Lars HELGSTRAND
E-mail: lars.helgstrand(a)


Modelia / Afia

>>> Réseaux sociaux et Agriculture (19 juin 2015)
Voir :

>>> Open Data en Agriculture - 2ème partie (7 janvier 2015)
Voir :

>>> Les nouveaux capteurs en Agriculture (19 avril 2014)
Voir :

>>> Open Data en Agriculture - 1ère partie : état des lieux et perspectives (12 novembre 2013)
Voir :

>>> La modélisation entre recherche et développement agricole, allers et retours... Des modèles scientifiques aux outils logiciels : ambitions, expériences, réflexions, propriété intellectuelle (29 mars 2013)

Voir :

Contact : Jean-Pierre CHANET, François BRUN
Mél : jean-pierre.chanet(a), francois.brun(a)

The Internet of Things and the Future of Farming

The Internet of Things Has Vast Economic Potential, McKinsey Report Says

A responsive approach to the Web makes sense (Farm Industry News) by Willie Vogt
You're starting to see some interesting changes in web pages, and email design. There's a reason for it, and you may be holding it in your hand.

Take a ride on a drone (Farm Industry News) by Jodie Wehrspann
Mitchell and Zach Fiene are cofounders of DMZ Aerial, an ag tech consulting firm that offers scouting services and data management. We asked Zach to put us in the cockpit of a drone to experience for ourselves some of the newest technologies, from...

Quantifying the Benefit of Drones in Precision Ag
Recently, PrecisionHawk, Measure 32 and the American Farm Bureau teamed up to help answer the question: "What is the value of using drones on farms?" Measure is also working on an ROI calculator of this type of application. Check out our informative day in the field using our platform and software, DataMapper. How do you think UAVs will impact ag?

Agco, Trimble partner on data platforms

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Pursuing the global opportunity in food and agribusiness
Satisfying the world’s food needs opens the door to investment throughout the value chain.

Why promote 500-bushel corn? (Crop News Weekly) by Kurt Lawton
It’s high time for high yield contest managers to think different – to recognize farmers that go beyond the weigh wagon – and reward yield along with environmental achievements such as reduced nitrogen use and increased soil health.

TTIP talks stumble over ‘feta’ dispute
European Union plans to seal the world's largest free trade deal with the United States are threatened by intractable differences over food names, none more so than the right of cheese makers to use the term "feta".

Milan Expo 2015: A guided tour in pictures
The World Expo is taking place from 1 May to 31 October, around the theme "Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life". 144 countries are represented with pavillions, some of which are portrayed in this photo essay. Follow EurActiv for the guided tour
Voir :

These 30+ Cartoons Illustrate How Smartphones Are The Death Of Conversation

Zimbabwe has a Bigger Monster Than Cecil the Lion’s Killer—Dictator Robert Mugabe Thirty-five years of presiding over ever-worsening poverty and despair

Amid growing demand, German organic farming suffers first decline
The organic foods sector is booming, but in Germany, farming is decreasing, with the number of acres devoted to cultivation shrinking for the first time.

EU extends aid to farmers hit by Russian food ban
The European Commission has announced it will extend support measures for the dairy and fruit and vegetable sectors hit by Russia’s ban on food imports from Europe, which has been in place for a year.
See :

Antibiotics on animal farms spread deadly pathogens, experts warn
The consistent use of antibiotics in animal farms in Germany are spreading antibiotic-resistant germs and causing experts to call for stricter measures against drugs.

Food for Thought
The debate over genetically modified organisms is a great case study in how to think critically.

Sense About Science, a British organisation that I find very interesting, very close from Association française pour l'information scientifique (of which I am a member)
Sense About Science works with scientists and members of the public to change public debates and to equip people to make sense of science and evidence.

Newspaper meetingSense About Science responds to hundreds of requests for independent advice and questions on scientific evidence each year. We chase down dodgy science and mobilise networks of scientists and community groups to counter it. We also invite scientists to publish corrections of misreported research in our 'For the record' section.

Where we are constantly fire-fighting on a particular issue, we work with scientists and members of the public to draw out the underlying assumptions and to address misconceptions. Examples of this can be seen in the Making Sense of… series and other projects.Reviewing document

Underpinning this, Sense About Science runs programmes to promote general understanding of scientific evidence, such as use of statistics, the process of peer review and how to design a fair test to see whether medicines work.

Sense About Science’s campaigns involve wide collaboration across society to make a permanent difference across all areas of our work and to create an environment that supports open public discussion about scientific research, free from intimidation, hysteria and political pressure.

VoYS WorkshopTo do all of this we call on our database of over 6,000 specialists and hundreds of community, civic and scientific groups who give their time and support to our efforts.

The Voice of Young Science (VoYS) network of early career researchers has grown up around Sense About Science and runs many of its own campaigns as well as publications and workshops to help others to stand up for science.

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Old Man in a Rocking Chair
A woman walked up to a little old man rocking in a chair on his porch.

"I couldn't help noticing how happy you look," she said. "What's your secret for a long happy life?"

"I smoke three packs of cigarettes a day," he said. "I also drink a case of whiskey a week, eat fatty foods, and never exercise."

"That's amazing," the woman said. "How old are you?'

"Twenty-six," he said.

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Jokes, Quotes and Anecdotes... an Anatomy of Wit
Mick Harkin, ex Secretary of EFITA, who has kept us amused with his Friday Jokes over the years, has published a book on Amazon entitled "Jokes, Quotes and Anecdotes... an Anatomy of Wit".
Contact: Mick HARKIN
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