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Châtenay-Malabry (FR - 92290), 26 October 2015

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Montpellier - France at SupAgro Ag University


Contact : Jean-Pierre CHANET, Bruno TISSEYRE
Mél : jean-pierre.chanet(a), tisseyre(a)

Hi Guy,
It's a long long time since we have corresponded. Probably about 15 years ago when I was still in college and you were asking permission to use some of the content that was in a newsletter I was publishing at the time (The AgriSurfer).

These days I run a precision ag software business.

I'm a long time subscriber to your newsletter and enjoy it very much (particularly the jokes - we need more people in ag prepared to show they have a sense of humour!).

Can I get a plug in one of your upcoming newsletters for our GPS landforming product? Our website is


E-mail: stu(a)

Precision Terrain Solutions Pty. Ltd.


Modelia / Afia

>>> Réseaux sociaux et Agriculture (19 juin 2015)
Voir :

>>> Open Data en Agriculture - 2ème partie (7 janvier 2015)
Voir :

>>> Les nouveaux capteurs en Agriculture (19 avril 2014)
Voir :

>>> Open Data en Agriculture - 1ère partie : état des lieux et perspectives (12 novembre 2013)
Voir :

>>> La modélisation entre recherche et développement agricole, allers et retours... Des modèles scientifiques aux outils logiciels : ambitions, expériences, réflexions, propriété intellectuelle (29 mars 2013)

Voir :

Contact : Jean-Pierre CHANET, François BRUN
Mél : jean-pierre.chanet(a), francois.brun(a)

USA Farm Computer Usage and Ownership (2015)
This is an updated version of a document signalled by Ehud Gelb
E-mail: ehud.gelb(a)

Turning data into knowledge
A new startup company is taking farm information and creating a computer model for decision-making on the farm. This is beyond yield maps.

Get ready for digitized farming by Jodie Wehrspann
Jeremy Leifker, John Deere Intelligent Solutions Group, talks about using data for real-time adjustments on your farm and how that could enhance management.

Mobile devices in agriculture: attracting new audiences or serving the tech-savvy? By Mihály Csótó (HU)
The latest wave of ICT-innovations are based around mobility (smart phones, tablets, wireless networks etc.). Mobility can be a decisive success factor of ICT-adoption, because of the spatial, local and remote nature of farming. New generation mobile devices can also have a lower barrier to entry in terms of skills and cost for the user/farmer. The question is whether these new devices, especially smart phones and tablets are adopted by the farmers who are already using computers and Internet or they are attracting new audiences as well? The author’s research in Hungary on the supply and demand side of the phenomenon shows that the “agri-app-economy” is still in its infancy, and both the supply and demand side are reflecting the current state and the earlier development of ICT-usage in agriculture. At the moment, new generation of mobile devices are not acting as a tool to overcome earlier and existing barriers of adoption, rather as an indicator of the general level of ICT-use in agriculture. Mobile devices are mainly used by “tech-savvy” farmers, as a general purpose technology – partly because of the lack of relevant applications in agriculture.
Contact: Csótó MIHÁLY
E-mail: csoto.mihaly(a)

Latest issue of the Journal of Agricultural Informatics has been published
The journal is backed by an international editorial board, the Hungarian Association of Agricultural Informatics (HAAI) and the European Federation for Information Technology in Agriculture, Food and the Environment (EFITA). We hope that the articles find your interest and are looking forward to receiving your suggestions, and publication interests.

The papers of Journal of Agricultural Informatics (JAI) are referred by CrossRef, DOAJ, Cabi, EBSCO, MATARKA, MTMT, Google Scholar (See: )

All JAI papers have DOI numbers.

Journal articles of Vol 6, No 3 (2015)

The issue of Vol 6, No 3 (2015) in PDF.

>>>> Papers in the Vol 6, No 3 (2015):

Mónika Varga, Sándor Balogh, Balázs Kucska, Yaoguang Wei, Daoliang Li, Béla Csukás
Testing of Direct Computer Mapping for dynamic simulation of a simplified Recirculating Aquaculture System

Zeynel Cebeci, Figen Yildiz
Comparison of K-Means and Fuzzy C-Means Algorithms on Different Cluster Structures

Rebekka Syiem, Saravanan Raj
Access and Usage of ICTs for Agriculture and Rural Development by the tribal farmers in Meghalaya State of North-East India

Abou-Hadid, A. F., A. A. A. Mohamed; M. S. M. Ahmed, M. A. A. Abdrabbo
Trend of Change in Cultivated Area and Water Budget for Major Crops in Egypt using GIS and Field Survey Technique

Giovanni Pecora, Mauro Musto, Carmine D’adamo, Francesco Adduci, Pierangelo Freschi, Carlo Cosentino
GIS system and livestock field survey as tools to manage the potential reducing of fuel load for fire prevention

Bence Mátyás, György Mátyás, Judit Horváth, János Kátai
Data storage and management related to soil carbon cycle by a NoSQL engine on a SQL platform - Joker Tao

Mihály Csótó
Mobile devices in agriculture: attracting new audiences or serving the tech-savvy?

Ioakeim Tzoulis, Zaharoula Andreopoulou, Marios Trigkas, George Tsekouropoulos, Elias Voulgaridis
Wood trade perspectives in Greece during economic crisis and and new technologies challenge

Vol 6, No 4 (2015) as EFITA2015 Special Issue will be published within 2 weeks.

Best regards,

Miklós Herdon
(Editor in Chief)

>> Call for Papers

>> Journal of Agricultural Informatics


Worst farm management practices
This is my list of the worst top 10 management practices. There are most certainly other aspects and components that are very important for businesses, but this list demonstrates that discipline is required for success. Even the mundane, seemingly boring tasks and details can be extremely important....

From our hypochondriac schizophrenics (and paranoiacs too): Agriculture 'Greatest threat' to biodiversity in EU

It was a rendez vous (in 1976, in Paris at 200 km/hour)

Joseph and Mary

"Uh Joseph you know how we've never made love..."

"Yeah (aggravated tone)"

"Well, last night an angel visited me and now I'm pregnant..."

"Jesus Christ!"

"Oh you already know about him"

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Jokes, Quotes and Anecdotes... an Anatomy of Wit
Mick Harkin, ex Secretary of EFITA, who has kept us amused with his Friday Jokes over the years, has published a book on Amazon entitled "Jokes, Quotes and Anecdotes... an Anatomy of Wit".
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