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Châtenay-Malabry (FR - 92290), 28 August 2017

EFITA newsletter / 795 - European Federation for Information Technology in Agriculture, Food and the Environment

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Modelia / Afia

>>> Journée Internet des Objets (IoT) en agriculture – le 28 avril 2017 à Boigneville
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>>> Robotisation en agriculture : états des lieux et évolution
(séance publique de l'Académie d'agriculture de France du 25 janvier 2017)
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>>> Réseaux sociaux et Agriculture
(séance publique de l'Académie d'agriculture de France du 23 mars 2016)
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>>> Big Data et Agriculture (10 mars 2016)
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API Agro (10 février 2016)
La conférence "API-AGRO", organisée par l'Acta, a rassemblé plus de 150 personnes autour des API et de l'Agriculture Numérique... Revivez la conférence organisée par les partenaires du projet.
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>>> Réseaux sociaux et Agriculture (19 juin 2015)
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>>> Open Data en Agriculture - 2ème partie (7 janvier 2015)
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>>> Les nouveaux capteurs en Agriculture (19 avril 2014)
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>>> Open Data en Agriculture - 1ère partie : état des lieux et perspectives (12 novembre 2013)
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>>> La modélisation entre recherche et développement agricole, allers et retours... Des modèles scientifiques aux outils logiciels : ambitions, expériences, réflexions, propriété intellectuelle (29 mars 2013)

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Contact : Jean-Pierre CHANET, François BRUN
Mél : jean-pierre.chanet(a), francois.brun(a)

14th International Conference on Precision Agriculture
24-27 June 2018 - Le Centre Sheraton - MONTREAL, Quebec, Canada.

More information about the conference hotel, abstract submission, and registration is available at

>>> 1st Call for Papers for the 14th ICPA

Online abstract submission for the 14th ICPA is now open:

We invite you to submit an abstract for the various conference topics. Abstracts will be reviewed for suitability based on scientific content and clarity. Abstracts meeting these criteria will be accepted for presentation as either oral or poster presentations at the conference. Abstract length must be in the range 300-500 words with no figures, references or tables.

Authors of accepted abstracts will be entitled to present their research at the Conference after payment of registration fees. They will also be entitled to submit full papers (more details later) for the Conference Proceedings in February of 2018. Conference Proceedings will be published on the website and will be available after the conference.

The abstract submission process requires a secured account on the ISPA website. If you have submitted an abstract in the past it is likely your account is still available. Use your email as your username. If you forgot your password, click the forgot my password link on the login page and an email will be sent to you to reset your password. If you do not have an account, establishing an account is free and easy.

Please complete the online form at the following website:

The email address you use will become your account login. All correspondence will be sent to this email, so please verify that it is entered correctly and that your email system will allow mail from the domain. Check your junk mail folder if you do not receive your account information.

Shortly after you click Submit to create an account, the online-system will send you an email with a weblink. Clicking that link will activate your account. Once your account is activated you will be able to submit your abstract.

Deadline for submission of abstracts is 30 NOV 2017. Questions pertaining to abstract submissions should be addressed to abstracts(a)

Contact : Nicolas TREMBLAY
Mél : Nicolas.Tremblay(a)


Vintel, the best way to manage vine stress (by ITK) - seen at EFITA 2017
The only tool that makes vine water stress management easier.
Vineyard managers can now tailor irrigation decisions to production objectives in each block and for each major plant growth stage.

Wintel en la region de Castilla-la-Mancha (ES) - seen at EFITA 2017

Cropwin, customizable tool for integrated crop management and monitoring (by ITK) - seen at EFITA 2017
An integrated solution based on scientific modelling designed for agro-economic decision making

API-AGRO, digital services company for the agricultural sector - seen at EFITA 2017
API-AGRO offers a platform to easily spread data and share them with agricultural stakeholders. We support you, data providers and users, with services offer focused on business uses

The Efita newsletter is sponsored by:
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Utilise UAS and aerial data to enable better business decisions with Harris - seen at EFITA 2017
Develop the skills you need to fully understand your geospatial data and imagery: Our training courses are designed and instructed by subject matter experts in order to take your ENVI and IDL skills to the next level.

ENVI, the premier software for extracting information from geospatial data - seen at EFITA 2017
ENVI is the premier software solution for processing and analysing geospatial imagery, ENVI combines spectral image processing and image analysis technology with a user-friendly interface so users can get meaningful information from imagery.

ENVI precision ag toolkit - seen at EFITA 2017
Tight profit margins are nothing new to growers. With a large portion of budgets tied up in fixed costs, satellite, fixed-wing, and UAV imagery are being looked to as a way to loosen the margin squeeze. However, in order to realize the potential that imagery offers, advanced analysis tools like ENVI need to be used to extract actionable information. The good news is that ENVI Crop Science now puts the information available from these scientifically proven approaches into the hands of anyone, regardless of their prior experience with remote sensing.

Watch this recorded webinar to learn how ENVI Crop Science can:
- Ingest any type of data, from any sensor
- Monitor crop health down to the individual plant level
- Detect plant stress and target specific field locations for remediation
- Monitor crop growth for harvest and yield predictions

Israel Agritech Market Map: 400 Startups Putting The Tech in Agritech

Smart Farming: The sustainable way to food

IRSTEA, the Institute where Jean-Pierre Chanet, Orlane Gadet and Olivier Naud who so strongly contributed to the organisation of Efita, are working

Over 400 partners for GODAN, Global Open Data for Agriculture and Nutrition - seen at EFITA 2017

Next Efita
in Greece in 2019!

EFITA President: Michael Clasen
E-mail: michael.clasen(a)

Glyphosate market to witness major gains via applications in conventional crops, APAC (Asia-Pacific region) to be a prominent revenue contributor
Ask for sample copy of this report @

Glyphosate Market size is estimated to exceed USD 6 billion by 2024.

Rising food demand along with need to increase yield are key trending factors driving the glyphosate market. Increasing awareness for plant growth enhancers to improve the farm yield will also support the market growth.

Benefits associated to funding and grants to attain sustainable agricultural practices has encouraged glyphosate industry demand. Reducing stress along with weed and grass growth control remain key benefits stimulating product penetration. Increasing crop feeding among livestock and rising application scope in bio-fuel production will support business growth. Isopropylamine is the key raw material for glyphosate production, other major ingredients include monoammonium, diammonium and potassium.

In APAC, the product is majorly used in maize, wheat, tea, cotton, sunflower, sorghum and cotton to enhance the crop yield.

Aerial disaster

A Woman & Man Meet... (really macho, this joke…)

A woman ran a red traffic light and crashed into a man's car.

Both of their cars are demolished but amazingly neither of them was hurt. After they crawled out of their cars, the woman said, "Wow, just look at our cars! There's nothing left, but fortunately we are unhurt. This must be a sign from God that we should meet and be friends and live together in peace for the rest of our days."

The man replied, "I agree with you completely. This must be a sign from God!"

The woman continued, "And look at this, here's another miracle. My car is completely demolished, but my bottle of 75 year old scotch didn't break. Surely God meant for us to drink this vintage delicacy and celebrate our good fortune."

Then she handed the bottle to the man.

The man nodded his head in agreement, opened it, drank half the bottle and then handed it back to the woman. The woman took the bottle, immediately put the cap back on, and handed it back to the man.

The man asks, "Aren't you having any?"

She replies, "Nah. I think I'll just wait for the police."

Adam ate the apple, too!

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Jokes, Quotes and Anecdotes... an Anatomy of Wit
Mick Harkin, ex Secretary of EFITA, who has kept us amused with his Friday Jokes over the years, has published a book on Amazon entitled "Jokes, Quotes and Anecdotes... an Anatomy of Wit".
Contact: Mick HARKIN
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