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Châtenay-Malabry (FR - 92290), 10 December 2018

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6th AgriFuture Days by the Club of Ossiach and PROGIS

17 (+18) December 2018 - VIENNA, Austria


This year’s AgriFuture Day, taking place 1 day before the EU-Africa Forum, will bring together senior executives and experts from science and economy concerning rural management, technology providers, and leading financial service providers, to discuss the latest challenges and developments making an impact on planning and management of the agro-forest-environment sector globally, topically with focus on Europe and Africa.

>> A quick update about the most important news:

PROGIS could move forward technologically in cooperation with GI GmbH (Geomatic Intelligence), PROGIS International (financing group) as well as the Vienna-based Club SDCC (SAFER digital country Consortium - new-founded Club aiming group to synergetic selected companies that have expertise and / or technologies for planning, management or control of rural areas and focus to the needs of agriculture, forestry, environment or related sectors). Synergetic partners are welcome.

This is expressed in new EU projects in co-operation with ATOS (largest IT group of Europe) and Internet project development with Microsoft´s azure platform, as well as integration of the new EU-Sentinel II satellite images and others with <1 m, 3 m, 10 m, and in the future of 0, 5 m resolution with daily update of the entire planet in all our technologies. The EU project EO4AGRI (bringing together the knowledge for better agriculture monitoring) supports EC activities in the field of satellite imagery all over the world, as well as their impact on planning and management of agro - forestry and environmental tasks and EC subsidies for agriculture and forestry.

Beside single users we focus on entire country solutions to integrate all user-groups. With IDIMA (IDentification of IMAges) as WinGIS module, an IT tool, which can overtake the analysis and automatic digitization of images, will be ready beginning 2019. With the product in conjunction with images it will in future be possible, to be able to identify, analyse, evaluate and digitize global ecological problems. For this purpose, it is planned to establish a training centre with the Club of Ossiach in Austria. The Club of Ossiach participates in the EU project EUXDAT (European e-infrastructure for extreme data analytics in sustainable development).

Contact : Walter H. MAYER
E-mail: mayer(a)


Agtech Funding Sheet: Insect Farming, Big Data, Soil Health Tech, Crowdfund a Cow Platform, more by Lauren Manning (2017)

New tool helps farmers make cover crop decisions

A study funded by the North Central Region of the Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education Program and the Center for Agricultural and Rural Development at Iowa State University has resulted in a new free online tool that helps farmers make decisions about planting cover crops.

Not farming some land increases profitability?

Yield-mapping tech can show whether it makes financial sense to continue working underproducing parts of a farm.

The effect of proper down force with AG Leader’s SureForce

There are many things to keep in mind during spring planting, often making it difficult to prioritise. The trick is to stick to the basics. Utilise proper soil conditions, crop residue control and correct planting depth. These are all parts of the foundation to achieve a successful year.

Agrirouter connects machines with your FMS

Initiated in Germany at the 2017 Agritechnica, agrirouter, a data communication platform, intends to standardise and thus simplify data communication between in-field tractors and machines and cloud-based farm management software. It’s now at the eve of being launched.

New easy to operate, affordable crop sensor by Fritzmeier

German manufacturer Fritzmeier Umwelttechnik is currently developing a new easy to operate and affordable crop sensor for farmers growing 100 ha or less. The company says everyone can learn to operate it within 15 minutes.

Claudia Roessler, Director Industry Solutions for Chemical & Agriculture Microsoft Corporation

Claudia Roessler is the Worldwide Industry Solutions Director for Chemical & Agriculture industries. In this role she is accountable for defining and executing Microsoft’s growth strategy in the industry, the unique industry value proposition and Microsoft’s partner and solutions map.
Claudia Roessler is developing solutions that address the business processes and business model innovation of Enterprises in the industry. She represents the ‘voice of the customer’ as the industry solution champion within Microsoft working with the Engineering and Microsoft Research teams.
Prior to that, Claudia was Business Development and Strategy Analyst responsible for global organizational design, change management and talent development across worldwide teams. Claudia Roessler joined Microsoft in 1992 in Germany. She held several international roles with focus on Business Development, Sales & Marketing, Partner and Industry.
Want to read the interview with Claudia Roessler in Future Farming? Please click here

Yasir Khokhar, Founder and CEO Connecterra

Yasir Khokhar is Founder and CEO of Connecterra, a company with a vision is to build an artificial intelligence that will learn to grow food sustainably. We employ technologies such as machine learning and cognitive computing on sensor data to create an AI that works for farmers.
Want to read the interview with Yasir Khokhar in Future Farming? Please click here.

Vik Vandecavaye, Manager Advanced Data Analysis and Application Development at CNH Belgium N.V.

Vik Vandecaveye has a Sonology degree from the Royal Conservatory in The Hague, and a Masters in Industrial Business Administration from the University of Ghent. After running his own business in streaming internet services, he joined CNH Industrial in the supply chain department, where he took care of data management at all levels of planning and execution. He continued with executive reporting, and expanded into market intelligence and statistical analysis.
Vik Vandecaveye was at the birth of a business unit for precision agriculture, where he designed the strategy for connectivity and analytics. His mission is to build the eco-system with many stakeholders of the agricultural value chain. Vik also chairs the “Digital Farming” workgroup in CEMA, the voice of the Agricultural Machinery in Europe.
Want to read the interview with Vik Vandecavaye in Future Farming? Please click here.

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Joris Lohman, Founder and director Food Hub

Food Hub is a social enterprise that aims to accelerate the transition to a good, clean and circular food system. Food Hub provides services that help food professionals, companies, government and NGO’s to better understand the dynamics of the changing food system and provides clients with tools in order to create a bigger impact on the transition of the food system.
Over the years, Food Hub has a cultivated a large international network of entrepreneurs and young professionals across the agrifood value chain. Food Hub organizes training programs, Summer Schools, Academies and business-accelerating programs, such as the Food Chain Accelerator for start-ups and scale-ups in the food business, and help develop innovative business models for entrepreneurs in the agricultural sector. Lohman writes articles for de Volskrant, Trouw and RTLZ about food and sustainability. He was elected in the Trouw Duurzame 100 (a list of the most influential people in the field of sustainability in the Netherlands) three times, and now serves as the chairman of the jury.
Want to read the interview with Joris Lohman in Future Farming? Please click here.

Stakeholders say digitisation key to optimise fertilisers’ use By Sarantis Michalopoulos

Can a geographical-perspective help make precision-ag pay? By Matt McIntosh

Precision-ag technologies continue to be adopted by farmers worldwide, though not as rapidly as many would like. Indeed, many farmers are still unsure if precision-ag technologies can actually better their bottom line.
According to researchers at the University of Guelph – one of Canada’s major agricultural schools – apprehension is often warranted when it comes to variable rate application and yield mapping. This is because neither technology offers a true understanding of why yields and fertilizer demands vary in the first place.

Sensor tested for measuring nitrate levels in soil

Dutch research centre TNO has developed a sensor for measuring nitrate levels in soil.

The effect of proper down force with AG Leader’s SureForce

There are many things to keep in mind during spring planting, often making it difficult to prioritise. The trick is to stick to the basics. Utilise proper soil conditions, crop residue control and correct planting depth. These are all parts of the foundation to achieve a successful year.

AgFunder presents 12 agtech start-ups to watch

Precision agriculture proves to be a fertile breeding ground for start-ups. Here’s a few to watch.

Topcon and Confagricoltura aim to give precision farming in Italy a boost

Topcon Agriculture and Confagricoltura announced a partnership agreement aiming toward the implementation and diffusion of precision farming in Italy.

DroneDeploy introduces counting tool

A counting tool added to the DroneDeploy cloud-based commercial drone platform is designed to enable users to make accurate counts of distinct features of scanned landscapes – such as trees in an orchard, energy-gathering panels in a solar farm and cattle in a field.

Black Truffles Imperilled by Climate Change

Climate Impact by Area Ranked by carbon intensity of electricity consumed (gCO2eq/kWh)

Europe’s anti-rationalist future? By Sir Colin Berry

You may be the last ones to understand this short joke

Jeb says to Homer: "I hear your son is going to doctor school."

Homer replies: "Yep, he's going to be one of them pulmonologists."

Jeb thinks, then says: "I didn't know they had doctors on those passenger trains."

Next Efita
in Greece in 2019!

2019 Efita International Conference

27-29 June - RHODES - Greece

The topics for the EFITA 2019 conference are detailed below within topic groups.

Topic group 1: “Sensors”
This topic group refers to the development or optimization of sensors and electronics for agricultural applications, such as field scouting and crop parameters monitoring. Particular sub-topics could be:
- New sensors (optical, reflectance, etc.)
- Wireless sensor networks
- Image processing

Agricultural robots are also within this topic, focusing on automation and control technologies to optimise robotic applications in agriculture. Particular sub-topics could be:
- Scouting Robots
- Action Robots
- Machine embedded ICT tools

Topic group 2: “Data”
This topic group is related to all technologies and software that cure data mining, data warehousing, visualisation, knowledge extraction, big data management. Particular sub-topics could be:
- Big data management
- Data mining for agricultural information systems
- Data visualisation
- Data and Knowledge Management for extension services (with real examples)

Other subjects within this topic are interoperability, semantics and knowledge management, such as:
- Metadata and data standards in agriculture
- Thesaurus management, Knowledge management
- Ontologies for agriculture
- Knowledge bases and Knowledge repository services
- Web of Data, Linked Open Data

Topic group 3: “Decision”
This topic group is about modelling for simulation, prediction, crop management, design of ICT-intensive farming systems. Proposed sub-topics are:
- Modelling and Simulation for agricultural production and farming systems
- Weather prediction models for sustainable agricultural production
- Multi-Agent systems

Other “Decision” scientific work is about remote sensing, GIS technologies and spatial management of resources. It includes sub-topics such as:
- Remote Sensing and GIS applications
- Planning tools
- Environmental information systems and Environmental management systems
- ICT applications for natural resources management, including forestry
- ICT applications for sustainable biomass production and use

Finally, ICT applications regarding economical, organizational and business implications in agriculture are also used for business decision making. Such ICT tools are divided in:
- Decision Support Systems for Agriculture
- ICT applications for food chain and logistics
- Traceability tools
- ICT and business
- Rural economies and ICT policies for rural development

Topic group 4: “Action”
This topic group is mainly about design of ICT applications for agriculture and sustainability focusing on precision and knowledge intensive agriculture. It includes sub-topics such as:
- Computer tools for farming
- Models of farming activity
- Scientific computing applied to crop management
-Expert systems in agriculture

This topic group is also about web technologies and networking of actors all along the value chain of agriculture. It includes sub-topics such as:
- On line farm services
- Web applications (clients, devices, server-side)
- Cloud computing applications
- Social Networking, collaborative tools and crowdsourcing
- Tools for e-agribusiness

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