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Châtenay-Malabry (FR - 92290), August 5, 2019

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High-Throughput Phenotyping of Bioethanol Potential in Cereals Using UAV-Based Multi-Spectral Imagery
Information provided by Jose M PEÑA
E-mail: jmpena(a)

Do not be too concerned about sharing data

There are no valid reasons for farmers to keep their data as close as a chicken keeps her eggs.
The biggest danger of collecting data on a farm is that they remain unused, collecting dust instead of being looked at, assessed, analysed, connected to information that has already been gathered and being used practically for perfecting crop and farming systems. Common complaints are that data misuse lurks or that companies make money off of farmers’ data while farmers themselves not profit.

ShaYoFae (Share your farming experience) Apps takes for granted that sharing farming experience will be appreciated. It seems to me correct… (GW)

ShaYoFae, a mobile app that enables information exchanges between farmers.

Old good days??? by Jules Breton: Morning (1888)

Eruvaka Technologies develops IoT devices and mobile apps for monitoring and automation of aquaculture farms to reduce the risk and improve the profitability

> Real Time Monitoring
Real time monitoring of DO, pH helps farmers to analyse the pond dynamics and take preventive actions.

> Voice Call Alert
Voice call alert in case of low DO levels helps farmers to avoid shrimp mortalities.

> Pond Protection
Safeguards your ponds and protects your investments from going in vain.

> Automatic Control
Automatic control of aerators based on DO levels reduces energy bills by 20%.

FarmERP - Smart Agriculture Software Platform for Farm and Farmer data management (India)

FarmERP is an integrated software solution for horticulture, plantation, vegetables, fruits, floriculture, growers and exporters. It provides advanced level of farm analytics to support business decisions. FarmERP is a complete solution from purchase, inventory, production, post production, planning, farm profile, accounts, contract farming including HR. Our unique and innovative product FarmERP aims at:

1. Enhancing the productivity and quality

2. Optimization of cost of production to increase economic returns

3. Achieving water conservation

4. Farm technology advancement

5. Table control of farms at various locations

We have implemented this solution in various other parts of the world. We have completed a FarmERP implementation at 800 Ha farm in Oman.  We are not only exploring but expanding our business globally through network and goodwill from existing client base of more than 250 and covering more than 3,50,000 Acres of farm land. Other implementations which are completed are for 40,000 Acres of farms in Thailand and successfully implemented for 12000 Acres Horticultural farm (Apples and Pitches) in Turkey. A company working with 35000 farmer growers is using FarmERP to optimize its contract farming operations.

We are extensively working in Muscat, Oman for One Million Date Palm Plantation project. We have been selected by Diwan of Royal Courts for implementing our solution for their heritage project – 1 Million Date Palm Plantation in the country. Recently, we have added few more clients to our list from Sri Lanka, Russia and Iran.

Old good days??? Farmworkers by Clyfford Still, 1936

15 next generation agri-food startups set to pitch at FoodBytes! Chicago

Functional foods, alternative proteins, digital and bio-farmtech all feature in the list of next-generation agri-food startups set to pitch at the inaugural FoodBytes! Chicago in September.

MetoMotion raises $1.5m seed round for zany greenhouse robot that spots ripeness in tomatoes

Israel’s MetoMotion has revealed to AFN that it had secured $1.5 million in funding for its slightly zany answer to spotting ripeness in greenhouse-grown tomatoes: a luminous green multipurpose “Greenhouse Robotic Worker” (GRoW).

4 ways big data analytics are transforming agriculture

Data-driven farming is on course to reshape the entire agricultural economy.

Drone operators explore machine learning

Smart drones can have practical uses for farmers who use precision-ag techniques, as well as those employing more old-school methods.

Growing smart irrigation market driven by IoT devices

The smart irrigation market is growing due to the increasing role of technology in irrigation management.

Nissan robot duck keeps paddy fields clear of weeds

An engineer working for carmaker Nissan has developed a robot that keeps paddy fields clear of weeds.

Robot uses machine learning to harvest lettuce

A vegetable-picking robot that uses machine learning to identify and harvest a commonplace, but challenging, agricultural crop has been developed by engineers.

Logistics Automation Provider Attabotics Raises $25 Million in New Funding

The Canadian startup will build out technology aimed at helping companies do more in smaller warehouses.

The Next Frontier for Artificial Intelligence Lies in Food and Beverages

Players in the food industry are embracing artificial intelligence to better understand the dynamics of flavor, aroma and other factors that go into making a food product a success.

China's CRISPR revolution, by Jon Cohen in Science

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Why did Argentina’s leading agtech startup list on the New York stock exchange? By Louisa Burwood-Taylor

Ahead of AgTech Week in Argentina next week, Bernardo Milesy sat down with Federico Trucco, CEO of the country’s most successful agtech startup Bioceres to find out more about the company’s recent New York Stock exchange listing.

Bioceres develops, produces and sells genetically modified soybean, wheat, and alfalfa seeds as well as crop protection and nutrition products.

USDA gave almost 100 percent of Trump’s trade war bailout to white farmers

Not only did almost all of the funds go to white operators, but an overwhelming share of the funds appear to have gone to upper-middle class and wealthy families.

It was oral examination in the standard two

The class teacher asked various questions to the students. She asked Tom, ‘Can you tell me a name of an animal that starts with alphabet ‘E’?

Tom replied ‘ELEPHANT’

Teacher asked him again to name an animal that starts with alphabet ‘T’.

Tom replied ‘Two Elephants’

Teacher asked him the same question.

Tom replied ‘Ten Elephants’

Annoyed teacher, asked him name an animal that starts with alphabet ‘M’

Tom replied ‘Mother Elephant’

The angry teacher repeated the same question.

Cool Tom replied ‘May be an elephant’.

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