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Châtenay-Malabry (FR - 92290), February 3, 2020

EFITA newsletter / 915 - European Federation for Information Technology in Agriculture, Food and the Environment

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The future as we saw it yesterday

Steam robot


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Statistics about the previous issue of the efita newsletter dated January 20, 2020

Dernière édition de "Du côté du web et de l'informatique agricole 05 / 2020" du 30 janvier 2020

Statistiques de l'édition de "Du côté du web..." de la semaine dernière

Turbopera by Antoine Marchand, Fabien Meyran, Paul-Eugène Dannaud et Benoît de Geyer d’Orth (do not miss it!)
Ver Turboperav

Warum glauben immer noch viele Grüne an Alternativmedizin? (Können Sie mir eine Kopie dieses Artikels zur Verfügung stellen? Danke, Guy W.)

Silke Mende hat die Geschichte der Grünen erforscht. Hier erklärt sie das ambivalente Verhältnis der Partei zur Wissenschaft.

Europe wants single data market to break US tech giants’ dominance

The European Union wants to create a single market in data aimed at challenging the dominance of tech giants such as Facebook, Google and Amazon, according to a European Commission proposal seen by Reuters.

Stop new coronavirus, called 2019-nCoV

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Smart village is a remedy for outflow of people from rural areas

Modernisation and structural problems are some of the biggest challenges for rural areas across Europe, along with shrinking demographics, urban migration or digital transformation. Smart villages, an increasingly popular concept among EU members, are set to counter all those negative trends.


FarmERP and FarmGYAN aims to help farm operators and agribusinesses around the globe to collect, integrate and analyze huge amounts of data to support their business decisions. FarmGYAN intends to provide science based intelligent advisory services to farm operators. These services are based on Smart Agriculture based framework. This advisory is customized for a particular plot and works at macro level. Smart Agriculture framework combines power of FarmERP with Big Data, Internet of Agricultural Things (IoAT), Sensors, Robotics, Geographic Information Systems, Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) / Drones, Precision agriculture, satellite data, real-time cloud data sources and predictive analysis.

Soy checkoff’s Tech Toolshed is gold mine for understanding how farmers think about tech

Farmers are inundated with information: prices, weather forecasts, promotions for inputs, news updates on trade wars, and more. According to soybean and corn grower Tom Oswald, technology is adding to their fatigue.

Oswald is a famer host for the United Soybean Board’s Tech Toolshed, a multi-faceted resource intending to provide farmers with a neutral and objective forum for learning about and discussing various ag technologies. It features a blog, newsletters, a twitter channel, testimonials, and a recently-launched podcast.

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"Put Data to Work" and 2020 predictions for farmers

Wade Barnes, CEO and Co-founder of Farmers Edge, identifies 4 trends that will help make 2020 a bumper year for farmers worldwide.

Naïo Technologies raises € 14 million to accelerate growth

With the € 14 million funding round, agricultural robot developer Naïo Technologies aims to prepare the robots for mass production.

Ag Leader launches SureSpeed high-speed planting system

Ag Leader’s high-speed planting system SureSpeed is to serve row crop farmers with accurate seed placement at speeds up to 12 miles per hour.

New sensor measures nitrate in soil real-time

BGN Technologies, the technology transfer company of Ben-Gurion University of the Negev (BGU), Israel, introduces a new technology for direct, real-time and continuous measurement of nitrate in the soil.

Good old days (????): Culture des céréales par John French Sloan (1871-1951)

Drones effective tools for fruit farmers

The University of Idaho researches ways drones could be employed for fruit orchards and tree nurseries.

CropX acquires CropMetrics to expand U.S. market presence

CropX, a global soil sensing and agricultural analytics company, announced the acquisition of Nebraska-based CropMetrics, a provider of cloud-based, precision-irrigation tools.

Wageningen researches efficiency of vertical farming

Researchers of Wageningen University & Research are looking at how vertical farming can be more efficient.

Qué mosca les ha picado a los agricultores

Todo el mundo saca tajada de la necesidad básica de la nutrición. Todos, salvo quienes producen los alimentos.

El campo español se rebela

Agricultores y ganaderos se movilizan en toda España para denunciar los bajos precios y exigir un futuro con explotaciones viables.

Europe wants single data market to break US tech giants’ dominance

The European Union wants to create a single market in data aimed at challenging the dominance of tech giants such as Facebook, Google and Amazon, according to a European Commission proposal seen by Reuters.

“Hay padres en paro cuyos hijos tienen móvil de último modelo, iPad, zapatillas de lujo… Es terrible”
Ver elpais.comv

Good old days (????): La récolte des foins par Julien Dupré (1851 - 1910)

Beethoven birth 250 anniversary

A man is walking in a graveyard when he hears the Third Symphony played backward.

When it’s over, the Second Symphony starts playing, also backward, and then the First.

“What’s going on?” he asks a cemetery worker.

“It’s Beethoven,” says the worker. “He’s decomposing.”

Good old days (????):The little Goose Girl of Mezy by Léon Augustin L'Hermitte, 1892



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