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Châtenay-Malabry (FR - 92290), June 15, 2020

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The Paul Jamet collection

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Good old days (?????): Haymakers at Eragny, created in 1889 by Camille Pissarro


Join in right now: DLG-Feldtage digital
Take some time for a tour around DLG-Feldtage digital. The wealth of information available at is increasing daily. Our video clips are providing insights into the latest specialist topics, and in the new DLG podcast series, we are discussing mechanical crop protection or emissions on the field with experts and farmers. On nine digital theme routes the exhibitors will take you on a guided tour through their products and services for professional crop producers. Details for contacting them directly can be found in the extended exhibitor database.
On 16 June 2020, DLG-Feldtage digital will be going live with four discussion panels and over 20 experts.

Digital Disruption: Will Online Agribusiness Marketplaces Make the Future Agri-Food Supply Chain More Resilient?

June 16, 8-9 US Pacific Time
See World Agri-Tech community

Events / FIRA 2020 robotics event goes virtual

FIRA will provide participants with online live access to speakers, stand tours and interactions with exhibitors.

How we saw the future yesterday?

The steam trasher





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Farm Tech Market Map: Why it’s time to distinguish farm tech from the messy supply chain, by Seana Day

The agtech sector is expanding each year, and with that, the once-niche and all-encompassing term “AgTech” is becoming unmanageably broad. As recognized by AgFunder in its decision to launch a dedicated Farm Tech Investment Report this year, there are many innovators and investors focused on building new technologies specifically for the farm. But beyond the farm, agtech also includes what we call the “messy middle” of food and ag – “Supply Chain Tech.”


Microsoft launches agritech startup scheme in India

Microsoft has launched a support scheme for Indian agtech startups, to help them “build industry-specific solutions, scale, and grow with access to deep technology, business, and marketing resources.”

The program, named Microsoft for Agritech Startups, will offer a range of tech and business tools to early-stage Indian companies operating in the space. The program is split into three tiers, each catering to startups at different stages of growth.

Why AgFunder invested in Singrow, by Michael Dean

If you’ve ever tried buying strawberries in Singapore, the chances are you’ve ended up disappointed.

It’s difficult to grow strawberries at scale in lowland tropical climates. The ones sold in Southeast Asia’s supermarkets have to be imported from more temperate regions.

Those strawberries that do make it into stores in Singapore and other Southeast Asian cities  tend to fall into two groups: expensive and insipid or sour-tasting fruit that was harvested prematurely ahead of cold-chain transit from Australia, China, or North America; or tastier but even more expensive berries airflown from Japan and South Korea. These typically arrive on Singaporean shelves mummified in layer upon layer of plastic packaging, deployed in a no-holds-barred effort to preserve freshness and aesthetics.

Good old days (?????): Haymakers at Eragny by Camille Pissarro


Adaptive agriculture during a global pandemic

At a time when millions of Americans are losing their jobs, many farmers are feeling blessed to have work. But that doesn’t mean that the coronavirus hasn’t hurt us.

The prices we receive for what we grow had already declined significantly over the last few years, and now the pandemic is making 2020 even more financially difficult. We have lost markets due to trade wars, tariffs and disease. African Swine fever decimated pork herds across China and South Asia, obliterating the need for feed like the soybeans their producers were sourcing from the U.S. Lower fuel costs help when we fill our gas tanks, but we also rely on the ethanol industry as customers. Ethanol is produced from corn and its use has decreased significantly due to the weakened demand, a result of the current oil war and the fact that everyone is staying home.

Good old days (?????): Peasant digging 1882 by Van Gogh


Multi-test: Which Isobus system is the best?

We put the Isobus functions through their paces in a large-scale multi-tractor test. It was a somewhat lengthy software-focused process. To cut a long story short, it works perfectly well in each tractor – the greatest difference being in the displays.
Why Deutz-Fahr and John Deere are the winners when it comes to Isobus

Field robots / Eastern Canada gets its first working DOT Power Platform

Operators of Eastern Canada’s first DOT Power-Platform are very enthused with its performance so far.

Tools & Data / Farmers Edge: automated hail detection and reporting

Farmers Edge’s new tool uses weather data, satellites imagery and AI to automate claim detection.

Good old days (?????): Peasant with a Stick (1881) - Vincent van Gogh


Apps: App lets Kenyan farmer profit from full farm potential

Apollo Agriculture raised $6 million to continue its mission to make smart farming widely available. See See

Tools & Data: Money-back warranty for farmers deploying agtech

Growers Edge and Arva Intelligence provide farmers with a product warranty for crop inputs and new ag technologies.

Level playing field for new farming technology? No!

How fast new precision farming technology is being developed and adopted, depends on the country you‘re farming in.

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Irish people send donations to Native Americans, returning a Great Famine-era favor

Expanding Organic Agriculture Would Make Zoonotic Pandemics More Likely

Good old days (?????): Peasant woman digging by Van Gogh


Compact2025 - end hunger and undernutrition

Compact2025 - Knowledge & Innovation Hub resources page

Good old days (?????): The Sisters, by Emile Claus 1849-1924 (BE)




[Covid-19] UK suffers second-highest death rate from coronavirus

FT analysis of data from 19 countries finds Britain suffering heavy toll from pandemic. The number of victims in UK is the double of the number of victims in France, both countries having around the same population. And UK had four weeks more than France to prepare and implement its sanitary politics.

See FT





- Quarantine was like a long walk in a park... in Jurassic Park, that is...

- Ripping off your mask when you get back in the car is the new taking off your bra when you get home.

- The quarantine has strained many marriages but for some of us it has enhanced our relationships.

- I’m lucky to have the most loving wife. Last night I woke up while she was holding a pillow tightly over my face to protect me from Covid 19.

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