Efita Newsletter 942, dated July 27, 2020

Efita Newsletter 942, dated July 27, 2020
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Châtenay-Malabry (FR - 92290), July 27, 2020

EFITA newsletter / 942 - European Federation for Information Technology in Agriculture, Food and the Environment

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FIRA, International Forum of Agricultural Robotics

8 - 10 December 2020 - VIRTUAL EVENT

FIRA: an event empowered by GOFAR organization

>>> GOFAR : Global Organization For Agricultural Robotics

Since 2016, FIRA has managed to establish itself as the leading event for professionals in the agricultural robotics sector. Launched and organized since then by Naïo Technologies, FIRA evolves today and will be carried out from now on by the association GOFAR – Global Organization for Agricultural Robotics.

An independent organization had to emerge to make the voice of the sector ring out and develop a promotional component that is lacking in the existing structures. This was the preamble to the creation of GOFAR last May by Axema and Naïo Technologies, with the participation of RobAgri to the Executive Board as a member.

>>> Missions
The GOFAR non-profit organization undertakes to promote and develop the agricultural robotics sector at international level. Like Robagri, whose objective is to facilitate the technical development of agricultural robots, GOFAR meets the increasing need for visibility and networking of the agricultural robotics sector.

GOFAR therefore aims to organize the meeting between the relevant stakeholders, and to support them by taking an active part in the development of the agricultural robotics market hence implementing a promotional campaign of international scale (organization of events, production of actions of communication and participation of trade fairs in France and abroad).

From 2019 onwards, the GOFAR association will focus its activity on three main work streams:

Organizing annually the International Forum of Agricultural Robotics (FIRA);
Taking part to national and international events intended for professionals from the agricultural equipment sector;
Producing and disseminating contents and expert publications.

See fira-agtech.com

Good old days (?????): Lieur de gerbes par V. van Gogh d'après JF Millet


Italia : Agricoltura digitale, ecco le tecnologie più importanti per il futuro del pianeta

L’utilizzo delle nuove tecnologie impatta l’intera filiera agroindustriale garantendo maggiore resa e sostenibilità delle coltivazioni oltre a qualità produttiva. In particolare idroponica e acquaponica si stanno rivelando leve di sviluppo in grado di facilitare l’accesso alle piccole aziende. Ecco lo stato dell’arte
Ver agendadigitale.eu

Vitimap (TerraSystem, Società Spin-Off dell'Università della Tuscia - Italia)

L'ottimizzazione di una produzione vitivinicola di qualità e la ricerca in campo di una maggiore sostenibilità non possono prescindere oggi da una mappatura di dettaglio della variabilità spaziale del vigneto: è su questa informazione che si basano sia le tecniche colturali e gli interventi ad intensità variabile, sia le pratiche della raccolta e della vinificazione differenziata.

Vitimap è un'offerta di servizi avanzati on demand a supporto della viticoltura di precisione, basati sul telerilevamento multispettrale.
Ver terrasystem.it

How did we the future yesterday??

See the incredible collection developed by Alain Fraval

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The complete digital agronomy solution

Identify, analyze and treat early signs of crop threats to make informed decisions, lower costs and maximize yield
See taranis.ag

Satellites can put farmers on the right track

Use of satellite data in agriculture has a much richer potential than just creating task maps. The satellites help farmers to make better, faster and deeper assessments of their crops’ status.
See futurefarming.com

Robots: Ultraviolet lamp robots tackle grape powdery mildew

Robots could soon be used to tackle powdery mildew in vineyards using ultra violet light.
See futurefarming.com

Good old days (?????): Les scieurs de bois par JF Millet



Terminals: New Claas Cemis 700 terminal for Isobus applications

Claas will replace the existing Operator and Communicator II operating terminals with the Cemis 700.
See futurefarming.com

Vertical farming: How vertical farms could be ready to take-off

Study identifies future research areas needed to accelerate growth of vertical farming using aeroponics.
See futurefarming.com

Good old days (?????): Soir d’orage par Georges Laugée


Drones: Protecting farmland bird nests with drones and AI

Nests of farmland birds can be located using a drone in combination with artificial intelligence.
See futurefarming.com

Soil Compaction: AGCO demonstrates soil compaction and yield impact

Penetrometer readings show how tractor and planter tires compact the soil.
See futurefarming.com

Taranis banks $30m Series C with tech giants Hitachi, Micron among new investors (July 21, 2020) by Richard Martyn-Hemphill

Agricultural imaging and analytics firm Taranis has raised $30 million in a Series C round co-led by Vertex Growth — an affiliate of Singapore sovereign fund Temasek — and Orion Fund, a subsidiary of Malaysian conglomerate, the Kuok Group.

New backers joining the round included affiliates of two of the world’s largest semiconductor companies — US-based Micron’s VC arm, Micron Ventures, and UMC Capital, an investment unit of Taiwanese foundry UMC.

Other first-time investors were the French private investment club La Maison, along with two Japanese giants: tech conglomerate Hitachi via its venture arm Hitachi Ventures, and Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group’s VC unit.
See agfundernews.com

Farmers Business Network expands to Australia with Farmsave acquisition (July 21, 2020) by Jack Ellis

US-based Farmers Business Network (FBN) is expanding to Australia after announcing the acquisition of local startup Farmsave.

Financial details of the deal were not disclosed, though FBN co-founder Charles Baron confirmed to AFN that the Farmsave brand will be discontinued.

All of the acquired company’s existing employees will remain in place as the new FBN Australia team.
See agfundernews.com

Good old days (?????): Man Digging in the Orchard by V. van Gogh (1883)


Microsoft partners with Land O’Lakes to build agriculture tech on Azure

Microsoft’s latest cloud partnership is with Land O’Lakes, the farming giant which will use Microsoft’s Azure technologies to spur sustainable farming practices and help farmers be more efficient.

Arden Hills, Minn.-based Land O’Lakes, which has 150 million acres of productive cropland in its network, will build a connected AgTech platform on Azure. The companies also plan to help connect rural communities to broadband internet.
See geekwire.com

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Bayer launches carbon capture program for US and Brazil farmers

Bayer AG (BAYGn.DE) launched a pilot program in the United States and Brazil on Tuesday that will pay farmers for capturing carbon in cropland soils, making it the latest agriculture company to capitalize on environmental initiatives.
See uk.reuters.com

Marruecos lanza una nueva estrategia de desarrollo agrícola con la que prevé duplicar las exportaciones

Marruecos ha lanzado la nueva estrategia de desarrollo agrícola “Génération Green 2020-2030”, con la que prevé mejorar el Producto Interior Bruto agrícola del país y duplicar la exportación en los próximos diez años, completando el Plan Marruecos Verde.
Ver freshplaza.es

Good old days (?????): The Shepherdess by Vincent van Gogh


IDTechEx Considers How Gene Edited Crops Can Avoid Making the Same Mistakes as GMOs

Genetically modified (GM) crops are unpopular. Despite their vast potential to help improve global food security while reducing pesticide use, many countries are extremely resistant to planting GM crops, with 85% of global GM agricultural land coming from just four countries: the US, Brazil, Argentina and Canada.

Where they have been grown, GM crops have been very successful, to the point where more than 90% of the soybean, corn and cotton crops grown in the US are GM. A 2014 meta-analysis found that an average farm can increase yields by 22%, reduce chemical pesticide use by 37% and increase farmer profits by 68%. Despite this, difficult regulations and consumer hostility have meant that growth in GM crops has been stagnant for much of the last decade, with companies instead turning their attention to gene editing in crops.

Gene editing could be set to become the next revolution in agriculture, allowing the precise editing of specific genes without introducing foreign DNA into the final crop. However, for it to truly become a game-changing technology, developers will need to avoid making the same mistakes that were made with GM crops in the 1990s.

A consistent mistake that the industry made was relying on the science to try and persuade the public while neglecting the emotional aspects of the debate.

See prnewswire.com/
See idtechex.com

Good old days (?????): Shepherd and His Flock by Charles-Emile Jacque (Chrysler Museum of Art)


Globalization's Great Triumph: The Death of Extreme Poverty, by Johan Norberg

Even though world population increased by more than two billion people, the number of extremely poor was reduced by almost 1.2 billion.

Fact check: Bill Gates has given over $50 billion to charitable causes over career (Matthew Brown USA Today, Published 1:35 PM EDT Jun 16, 2020)

Our ruling: True
Bill Gates has been a consistent philanthropist for decades. He has remained extremely wealthy while giving away large amounts of his net worth through steady increases in his financial portfolio. We rate the claim that Gates has given $50 billion to charity as TRUE because it is supported by our research.
See eu.usatoday.com


Good old days (?????):
Peasant woman kneeling by V. Van Gogh


Coronavirus jokes

Finland has just closed its border because of Covid-19. No one is allowed to cross the Finnish line.

Can you still get regular sick? Or is everything Corona? Wanna see some social distancing? Lend them some money...

The air is so full of sanitizer that I'm not even getting any dirty thoughts these days...

Good old days (?????): Die Schäferin von Edmond Tschaggeny (Brüssel 1818 - 1873)




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