Efita Newsletter 952, dated September 28, 2020

Efita Newsletter 952, dated September 28, 2020
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Châtenay-Malabry (FR - 92290), September 28, 2020

EFITA newsletter / 952 - European Federation for Information Technology in Agriculture, Food and the Environment

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A curiosity: Scholars target ‘problematic’ common animal names: slavemaker ant, gypsy moth, rape bug and dozens more, Charles Hilu - The University of Michigan
See thecollegefix.com

Family Meals

RootWave uses electricity to boil weeds inside out from the root upwards
See rootwave.com

Small Robot Company is automating weeding in agriculture using robotics and RootWave technology to precisely zap weeds in arable crops
See rootwave.com

Good old days (?????) : Le faucheur par René Seyssaud, 1932



Startup Spotlight: How robotics startup Vinergy is making the grape harvest more efficient by Lauren Stine, AFN

 Farm automation, urban ag & alt-protein will be key to Asia’s food security, says UNDP advisor
by Jack Ellis, AFN

Covid-19 has slashed the available seasonal labor for specialty crops in the US, including wine grapes.

Many vineyards in California’s fertile wine country rely on seasonal foreign workers to tackle the harvest, but the relevant H-2A visa program faced uncertainty when the pandemic hit.

Although its toll on agriculture has been devastating, the dearth of H-2A workers has created a new opportunity for robotics startups targeting the specialty crop industry. As the labor supply becomes increasingly unpredictable, every second during the already stressful harvest season is even more valuable.
See agfundernews.com

Good old days (?????) : Les vendangeurs par René Seyssaud



How did we see the future yesterday??

See the incredible collection developed by Alain Fraval

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Dutch start-up AgXeed premieres ‘robot tractor 2.0’

This week, Dutch start-up AgXeed premiered its robot tractor. A robot that arable farmers have been waiting for, they say. Their secret? Vision, experience in agriculture, a small organisation and the right partners.
See futurefarming.com

Autonomous vehicles: Jacto 400 JAV: Autonomous solution for precision spraying

The Jacto 4000 JAV sprayer can operate autonomously. Laser-scanning ensures optimised application.
See futurefarming.com

Good old days (?????): Labour par René Seyssaud


Crop science: Invention makes crop cultivation possible in winter

Thanks to a discovery by the University of Amsterdam, crops can also grow well at low temperatures.
See futurefarming.com


Since already 2009, the ERA-NET ICT-AGRI is supporting the development and implementation of new technologies for a competitive, sustainable and environmentally friendly agriculture. Purpose of ERA-NETs is to pool fragmented human and financial resources to improve both, the efficiency and the effectiveness of Europe’s research efforts
See ictagrifood.eu

Good old days (?????): Laboureurs par René Seyssaud (1867-1952)


Management Tools: Development of farm-efficiency and traceability platform

A new platform is being developed to increase the efficiency of farmer decision-making in Canada.
See futurefarming.com

GPS: Trimble expands VRS navigation network

Trimble TRMB acquired MidStates VRS from Butler Machinery and Frontier Precision.
See futurefarming.com

Scientists develop harvesting robots that could revolutionize farming practices & Robots soft on fruit in New Ag International (Page 8)
See issuu.com/newaginternational

Caring for soil is caring for life

“Caring for Soil is Caring for Life” is the title of the mission proposed by the Soil Health and Food Mis­sion Board. The mission’s goal is to “ensure that 75% of soils are healthy by 2030 and are able to provide essential ecosystem services”, such as the provision of food and other biomass, supporting bio­diversity, storing and regulating the flow of water, or mitigating the effects of climate change. The tarrget corresponds to a 100% increase of healthy soils against the current baseline. This interim report sets out the vision and the blueprint to reach this ambition through a combination of research and in­novation, training and advice, as well as the demonstration of good practices for soil management us­ing “Living labs” and “Lighthouses”.
See op.europa.eu

Good old days (?????): The young cook by Pierre Édouard Frère (French, 1819-1886)


Are carbon markets for farmers worth the hype? by Gosia Wozniacka, Civil Eats (read in the weekly agfundernews.com newsletter)

Farmers, take note: Carbon stored in soil could soon become its own commodity crop. That’s the message from developers, corporations, and legislators pushing for new carbon markets specifically tailored to agriculture
See civileats.com

Plant Packs More Punch Against Malaria
See usda.gov

Good old days (?????): La laitière par Jean-François Millet



Trump is losing farmer support in the climate crisis. Will they swing the election? by Leanna First-Arai (read in the weekly agfundernews.com newsletter)

In a push to capture the rural vote, 62 percent of which went to Trump in 2016, both the Trump and Biden campaigns are ramping up efforts to appeal to farmers and ranchers.
See ecowatch.com

Good old days (?????): Retour à la ferme par Julien Dupré

The “Next Big Thing” in Technology : 20 Inventions That Will Change the World

The boring, expected stuff (2022 technologies)
1. Blockchain
2. Cryptocurrency
3. Affective AI / Affective computing
4. AI Cloud Services / Data-as-a-service / AI PaaS
5. Connected Homes / Smart Homes
6. 5G
7. Mega-constellations of satellites / Low-earth orbit satellite systems

The pretty OK stuff (2025 technologies)
8. Autonomous Vehicles
9. Quantum computing
10. Genetic predictions
12. Human Augmentations / enhancements

The Very Exciting Stuff (2030 Technologies)
13. Graphene
14. Edge Computing / Intelligent Edge
15. Micro-chips / Bio-chips
16. Nanorobotics
17. Smart tattoos
18. Green Tech
19. Hydrogen fuel cells
20. Meatless Meat

Technology has a tendency to hold a dark mirror to society, reflecting both what’s great and evil about its makers. It’s important to remember that technology is often value-neutral : it’s what we do with it day in, day out that defines whether or not we are dealing with the “next big thing”.
Good luck out there.
See medium.com

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Virginia Attorneys Sentenced for Attempting to Extort a Multinational Chemicals Company (Timothy Litzenburg: well-known author of the Monsanto papers)

Two Virginia attorneys were sentenced today on federal extortion charges for their roles in a scheme to extort a multinational chemicals company by threatening to inflict substantial financial and reputational harm on the company if their demands for a $200 million payment disguised as a purported “consulting agreement” were not met.

Timothy Litzenburg, 38, of Charlottesville, Virginia, was sentenced to 24 months in prison followed by one year of supervised release by U.S. District Judge Norman K. Moon of the Western District of Virginia. Daniel Kincheloe, 41, of Glen Allen, Virginia, was separately sentenced to 12 months in prison followed by one year of supervised release by Judge Moon. Both defendants had previously pleaded guilty to one count of transmitting interstate communications with the intent to extort.
See justice.gov

Good old days (?????): Vanneuses en Camargue, 1943, par Léopold LELEE (1872-1947)


Ten Global Trends Every Smart Person Should Know

As Bailey and Tupy note, the world has been changing in ways that most people often fail to notice or fully appreciate. The global population, for example, will peak at about 9 billion before the end of this century, as the global fertility rate continues its fall from 6 children per woman in 1960 to the current rate of 2.4. Similarly, the global absolute poverty rate has fallen from 42 percent in 1981 to 8.6 percent today. Satellite data show that the forest area has been expanding since 1982. Natural resources are becoming ever cheaper and more abundant. Since 1900, the average life expectancy has more than doubled, reaching more than 72 years globally.

Of course, concerns such as climate change, marine plastic pollution and declining wildlife populations are still with us, but many of these problems are already being ameliorated as a result of the favorable economic, social, and technological trends that are documented in the Ten Global Trends.

Finally, the three authors turn to the future and discuss some of the limitless possibilities for technological, scientific, and medical progress that humanity could experience in the coming decades. The full video discussion can be found here.

Good old days (?????): Porteuses de charbon par Vincent van Gogh, Kröller-Müller Museum, Otterlo (Pays-Bas)


Welcome to libertarian Covid fantasy land – that’s Sweden to you and me, by Nick Cohen

The right fails to recognise that the Swedes’ real virtue in this pandemic is their social cohesion.

You never hear the Mail say we need Swedish levels of sickness benefit to ensure carriers stay home and quarantine.
Take two people: one living in Malmö, the other in Manchester. When a Swede loses his or her job they are entitled to up to 80% of their previous salary for the first 200 days of inactivity – up to 910 krona (£78) a day for the first 100 days – dropping to 70% (to a maximum of 760 krona a day) for the next 100 days. Danes who are members of unemployment insurance funds can claim up to 90%. As importantly, Sweden is “the best place in the world to lose your job” because employers pay a levy to job security councils whose coaches seek you out and match your skills and ambitions with the market.
The fantasy land of Sweden where sickness never comes is a fairytale. By not locking down in the spring, Sweden had a more protracted outbreak with far more deaths per capita than its neighbours.
As for the claim that Sweden would avoid a second wave, Swedish health officials are now proposing local lockdowns of a type we know too well. Sweden may not have been spared the storm, but it has lessons on how to shelter society until the storm passes. However deeply it claims to love Scandinavia, the Conservative party is the last organisation on Earth willing to learn from it.
See theguardian.com


30 Brazilians died from Covid-19

Donald Trump was talking to members of his staff. One of them said, “This morning, thirty Brazilian people died from Covid-19”.

Trump's face went egg-shell white with shock. The blood drained from his face and to everyone's amazement he collapsed on the floor.

Minutes passed and, to everyone's relief, Trump got up shakily and sat back on his chair.

His staff was stunned at such a display of emotion from Donald Trump, nervously watching as he sat, head in hands.

Finally the President looked up and with a shaky quivering voice asked his advisors : “How many people is a brazillion? ”

Contact: Paul JAMET
E-mail: paul.jamet(a)free.fr

Good old days (?????): Paysannes travaillant dans les champs, Pontoise, par Camille Pissarro (1830-1903)


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Good old days (?????): Faucheurs par Jo Koster, 1908


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